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ARC Beginners Rig Kit for Maya 1.0.1 for Maya

A set of simple rigs for students

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x


Last Modified:07/04/2009
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A selection of easy to use rigs, ideal for anyone new to animation or 3D software.

These rigs have been set up with an emphasis on simplicity, so you can focus on creating appealing movement instead of being distracted by all the new technical gear that comes along for the ride when using a software package like Maya.

If you are new to Maya or 3D animation then it can often prove frustrating, finding your way through technical issues for a long time before you get to see any results. All you need to know to use these rigs is how to move, scale, rotate and set keys. Move things around and see what they do, no instructions should be needed.

If you want to use a tool to manipulate the spacing of your inbetweens but are finding the Graph Editor confronting  (Many artists new to 3D do) then I suggest you download and use the free TweenMachine plug in for maya (it comes with detailed easy to understand instructions). 

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