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Mel UI Builder 1.6.0

java app to help build mel UI boxes visually

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Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:10/08/2002
File Size: 38.9 KB
Comments on V 1.6

  • Fixed the annoying JDK compatibility issue.
  • Attached an optionBox building library mel script.
  • Added optionBox generator. (Just use the checkBox, intSlider, radioButton & floatField to rapidly generate maya's optionBox, and with minimal coding.
  • Provided a sample demo that can exactly reproduce Maya's Duplicate command optionbox.

    To install, just download the zip file, extract and double click- the only html file.

    Comments on V 1.5
    Added the common Maya widget IntSlider. This was absent in v1.0 because of browser limitations. Folks at SUN have provided some mechanism to include certain advanced UI widgets in Java applets running under IE/Netscape. I am using that mechanism now to use the intSlider (this may affect the MAC fans :-} )
    To install, just download the zip file, extract and double click- the only html file.
    Comments on V 1.0
    Running on any browser supporting JDK 1.2 or higher, this little java applet should help building the mel UI (eg. mel option boxes) visually. Copy the attached .html file and the builder.jar file under a directory, and just point your browser to the .html file.
    Tip: click on the created UI element to change its properties.
    Hit on export to MEL, and copy-paste the text into script Editor, and use it within Maya.
    I plan to add more UI widgets and more layout options in the next release. Please give me your valuable feedback.

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