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Maya Tiles Batch Render 1.1.0

help huge resolution renders with low mem and cpu

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Last Modified:08/12/2003
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V1.1 : sorry, there were some little bugs ^^
A pixel for each line and colun was missing.
Another bug, that i could note repair is a bug concerning the path were your maya file shoud be stored. If it contains space, that will not work... I did not succeed in producing a command with space into path...

This tool is intended to afford real big image render while avoiding crash and memory unsufficiency. It allows you to divide your render in any number of tiles. Each tile will be rendered individually.
Primaly designed to allow render for printing, it s up to you to combine tiles and obtain the whole picture ^^
This could be automated.....
Pictures are indiced by line, column and frame.
Hope this will be uesfull.
PS: Pay attention that batch render is in your PATH environnment variable.
PS2: It s a free software, using QT non commercial version. It s therrefore possible to make a linux version. If desired, ask me or just use source code to make a compilation.

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