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Last Modified:08/10/2004
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These are a few Icons I made for use within Windows (or any other OS that supports .ico icon files).   Each ".ico" file includes 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, & 16x16 all in 32bit color w/ an 8bit alpha.
Some could use some work, which i'll do, when I can get around to it (but they're just icons).
I was going to do a Visual Basic Script, as well as some Maya File icons (.ma, .mb, .mel, .mll), depending on the response of these.

Included icons:
Alias (logo), Maya 4.5, Maya 5 (2), Maya 6 (2), Maya (coin), Maya Plug-ins, Skeleton (.skl).

Folder icons:
Alias, Maya, Maya Help, Maya Plug-ins.

Comments are welcomed & apreciated.

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