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cutsprites 1.3.0

Cuts Photoshop layers into textures & Maya scene

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Last Modified:03/09/2006
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Cutsprites is a set of scripts for Photoshop that will cut each layer or group into it's smallest size and then save it as a separate .tga or .psd file with alpha. It will also generate a Maya scene to use those textures as billboards.


I'm not sure how useful this is for movies but for games, many times a game engine will have all kinds of animation support for 3d (translation, rotation, scale, visibility, texture animation, material color, transparency, etc...) but have very little support for 2d.  So, why not just use the 3d engine as your 2d engine. Setup an orthographic camera (front, top, or side) and you're done.


These scripts help with that path.


There are docs here

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