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Pomfort FrameCalculator 1.0.1

Expression-based Timecode Calculation

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Last Modified:07/24/2006
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The Pomfort FrameCalculator for Mac OS X has a genuine expression-based calculation engine for timecodes and together with its additional conversion features it is a powerful little helper focussing on the daily needs of movie post production.

This unique calculator has a powerful expression-based calculation engine with a lot of intelligent conversion capabilities which makes it different from common on-screen calculators.
Expression-based means that you don't have to enter your calculation linearly step by step - instead you simply type in the expression for your timecode calculation which is evaluated by the FrameCalculator on the fly. For such expressions the FrameCalculator features all common calculation types, provides flexible input methods for timecodes, allows the mixing of frame rates and converts frame numbers to timecodes and vice versa.

All calculations are performed in two calculation modes: The "preserve time" mode computes on a basis of time, the "preserve frames" mode computes the result on a basis of frames, which is useful in projects where you have to mix material of different fps.

The Pomfort FrameCalculator can convert the results of such calculations into disk space usage and network transfer time of various digital formats and into footage of different film materials.

The Pomfort FrameCaluculator v1.0.1 is built for Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, a separate Version for 10.3.9 can be downloaded from the homepage.

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