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Kate / KWrite / KDevelop MEL Syntax Highlighting 1.1.0

MEL syntax highlighting in Kate, KWrite & KDevelop

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Last Modified:11/07/2008
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MIT License

KWrite, Kate and KDevelop ( are all multi-platform coding powerhouses, with a vast array of tools and supported languages for projects of all sizes. This add-on provides customisable MEL syntax highlighting for all three, and provides some small added features as well.


- KDE version 3.4 or higher. KDE 4 is now also supported! :)


1) Create the directory "~/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/" if it doesn't already exist.
2) Copy the provided "mel.xml" file to this new folder.
3) Close all open documents in kwrite/kate/kdevelop. Close and restart them, then open your MEL files again, and marvel at how much nicer they look. :)


- Kate has a shortcut for commenting (Control-D) and uncommenting (Control-Shift-D) all selected text in a document. With this add-on installed, these shortcuts will now work correctly for MEL files too.
- You can customise your syntax highlighting style without having to edit any config files! Just go to the menu and choose "Settings->Configure Kate" (or "Settings->Configure Editor" in KWrite). Choose "Fonts and Colors" in the dialog that pops up, and then select the "Highlighting Text Styles" tab. From here, you can edit the style the editor uses for any part of the MEL syntax.


1.1; Updated command list to accomodate Maya 2009. MEL commands are now highlighted in expressions. Command flags may also be customised (both inside and outside expressions).
1.0; Initial public release.

Questions? Bug reports? Comments? I always like to hear feedback via email. Hope this proves useful! :)

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
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