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FrameChart 0.9.5

FrameChart generates SMPTE correct framing lines

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Last Modified:09/08/2005
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Frame Chart is a Mac OSX, Cocoa application that will generate SMPTE correct frame reference lines based on 35mm, full aperture, 4-perf pulldown reference dimensions. It is similar to using the ground glass markings from a 35mm motion picture camera. And it should be used with 35mm motion picture scans.

The frame lines that can be generated include:
Full Aperture
Academy Aperture
Cinemascope (Anamorphic)
1:78 (16x9)
Super 1:85
Super 35 2:35 common top
Super 35 2:35 common center
Academy Aperture 12 Field
Full Aperture 12 Field

Frame Chart can import a variety of background image formats include high dynamic range formats that include Cineon, DPX and OpenEXR files, that can serve as a reference image or to check for framing accuracy of the loaded background image.

Import Background Image file formats that are supported include:
cin dpx tif sgi(rgb) exr tga psd jpg jp2 png bmp

Frame Chart can export the frame lines as an image file for use as a framing reference in other image processing applications.

Export Image supported formats include:
cin dpx tif sgi(rgb) tga jpg jp2 png

All frame markings are initially rendered to SMPTE standard dimensions with additional user modification possible. All frame line markings are calibrated in thousandths of an inch.

Currently this application is hardwired to expire on November 1st, 2005. I am soliciting user feedback to help make this a more robust application for future use.

please email feedback to: or leave messages in the FrameChart support forum

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