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Water Fountain Tutorial
Water Fountain Tutorial
arch ronel, updated 2008-06-03 10:14:02 UTC 211,504 views  Rating:
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I want to share my workflow in Creating A Water Fountain in 3dMax Particle System

1. Download the scene file fountain_start.max on this link,

or the model fountain .3ds. If you havent you can create your own model for the fountain source. Any model will do. To start set some 3d max parameters just like the following: set the units to meter, and the renderer to scan line ( for the meantime we will use scan line because we will do some series of test render.)

2. From the command panel, browse on create , particle system, then select super spray. Or from the Menu Bar, select Create then browse on Particles then Super spray.

Drag anywhere from the top viewport as if you are creating an
icon ( round icon image with upside arrow) just enough for you to see and handle it. From the top viewport, move the super spray icon on the center of the stone fountain model, and from the left view port, move them vertically on uppermost part of the stone fountain.(see figure below)click for larger version

3. With the super spray icon still selected, go to modify panel and adjust the some basic parameters as shown on the image sample. Now play on the time slider, move it along on say on frame 10.

You can see how the fountain works. However, you can adjust any parameters as long as it suffice and fit on how the fountain looks like. For the tutorial to make not more complicated, let us leave some parameters in its default state.

Off Axis- affects the angle of the particle
stream off the Z axis (along the plane of the X axis).

Spread - affects the spread of the particles away from the emission vector (along the plane of the X axis).

Off Plane- affects the angle of emission about the Z
axis. This has no effect if Off Axis is set to 0.

Spread - affects the spread of the particles about the Off Plane axis. This has no effect if Off Axis is set to 0.

Speed - the speed of the particle at birth, in units
per frame.

Variation- applies a percentage of variation to the
speed of emission for each Particle