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V-Ray for Maya and Gamma Settings
V-Ray for Maya and Gamma Settings
Alex Tacu, updated 2011-10-05 08:15:22 UTC 65,006 views  Rating:
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My name is Alex Tacu and I want to explain what are the correct gamma setting that you need to use when you render with V-Ray for Maya.

Firs of all let’s have a look what result you get when you don’t set anything.
For this I made a simple scene with 3 cubes.
The left one has a simple VRay Material whit the difuse color set to pure white (255, 255, 255)
The middle cube hase allso a VRay Material but this time in the difuse channel I pluged in a texture.
The right cube has a simple VRay Material whit the difuse color set to pure red(255, 0, 0)

Render setting are like this:


The result is like this:
this is too dark

iso on the physical camera was 100, i’ll set it to 400:

As you can see, colors look much better but the texture that i used for cube doesn’t have the same color as the original.

So to fix that we need to change a few render settings:
Set gamma in color mapping to 2.2
Check “Linear workflow”

And the result looks like this.


So these are the few steps that i personaly use in my workflow to get the best result with VRay for Maya

To recap:

Color mapping:
Type: Exponential
Gamma: 2.2
Check “Linear workflow”
VRay Physical Cameara enabled (iso 350-400, depending on the scene)
Sun and Sky created

Thanks for reading.
Feel free to comment if you like it and request some other topics.

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yours Alex T