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Anti-alias your Maya viewport in OSX.
Anti-alias your Maya viewport in OSX.
gormanj, updated 2010-03-28 05:35:35 UTC 29,473 views  Rating:
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Here is how you can get full screen anti-aliasing (FSAA) and viewport anti-aliasing on 3D video cards that support it in OpenGL apps -- even if the setting isn't available in your app, or isn't supported with the current Apple drivers for your card. Install Apple's Xcode Developer Tools, and run OpenGL, which you'll find in /Developer -> Applications -> Graphics Tools. Add the application that you would like FSAA in to the top section of OpenGL Profiler. Leave the driver on Native Graphics Driver or you may not be able to get into High Quality Rendering Mode. Check Use custom pixel format and press Edit and then the attributes button... Add a kCGLPFASampleBuffer attribute with a value of 1. Then add a kCGLPFASamples attribute with a value of 2 or 4, depending on how much anti-aliasing you want in that app. Consider how much VRAM you have before choosing a higher value. Finally,, you may want to add the No Recover attrubute. Make sure you launch the chosen app with the Launch button in OpenGL Profiler or this won't work. You will have to add the OpenGL code each time you run OpenGL Profiler, but it will remember all of your apps. I also submitted this tip to