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The Fisheye Camera
The Fisheye Camera
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1. Turn on Raytracing (go to the Render Global window either from the Render View portal or under Window-> render globals)

1a. If you have objects in your scene that you'd like to be reflective you must set the Ray Tracing Reflections option to at least "2)

2. Create a scene to view.

3. Create a Camera and point it away from your scene. (no special setting necessary)

3a. Looking through your camera you should not be able to see the outlines of your hemisphere

4. Create ->Nurbs Sphere

4b. Chanel box ->click on Inputs: make NURBS sphere

4c. End Sweep=180

5. Aim the camera directly at the concave surface.

6. Create a Blinn using the following settings:

7. Assign the blinn to the Sphere.

8. Position your camera with its back to the scene...while keeping it pointed towards the sphere.

9. Render! (you'll have to flip the image horizontally becuase your render will a mirror image of a normal cmaera's results