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Ceiling light
Ceiling light
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Modelling in Alias - Ceiling light

Exact positioning of objects with construction planes


1.) Drawing in the orthogonal views
2.) Revolve surfaces
3.) Extrude surfaces
4.) Planar surfaces
5.) Round


1.) To explain the function of construction planes
2.) Positioning of construction planes on objects
3.) Positioning of objects using absolute coordinates

1.) Construction of the base curves

You can download the curves here.

2.) Rotation of the middle object

To get simpliest patch surfaces, rotate the curves only with 90° and with 2 sections. The quarter surfaces are mirrored in X and Y to get the whole object.

3.) Create construction plane

To position a circle with a diameter of 5mm NORMAL on a curve, we use Construction planes.

4.) Confirm set construction plane - create a circle

In the information window you can change the size of the circle - diameter: 5mm.

With construction planes you can choose other planes, with the toggle function you can switch between the main coordinate system and the plane. A plane can be picked and deleted. If you delete the object on which the plane is referenced, the plane will also be deleted.

5.) Extrude a circle along a rail curve

With the tool extrude you first pick the profile curve, second the railcurve, to create the surface.

It´s important to use within the extrude tool the option tube!

6.) Rebuild the railcurve

To get an uniform profile you have to rebuild the railcurve to 12-16 spans. It´s important to get in a regular distance a "support curve". Same principe as the revolve.

7.) Positioning of construction planes

A second way to position a construction plane is to snap it on a plane. You create at the end of the extrude a surface with planar surface. To position the construction plane in the center of the surface, you have to increase the patch precision to 4 patches. Press the CMD button and snap at the intersection point.

So the construction plane is in the same area as the surface.

8.) Positioning of the luminary

Positioning the luminary by moving A0 and rotating A0 to the construction plane.

If the pivot was in the origin, the object has the same position on the construction plane as before on the main coordinate system.

Rotate with Y=180° to the right position.

9.) Dublicate and rotate 60°

Select Menu-> Edit duplicate object->checkbox. You can input the number of duplicates and the rotation (60°) to finish the product in one step.