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Generating Golden Particles
Generating Golden Particles
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This tutorial explains the process to generating Golden particles with the use of Maya's Dynamic particle engine. The tutorial was done using Maya 6.0.


1. Create a default Emitter. Change Emitter ScaleX=12, ScaleY=1, ScaleZ=12, Emitter Type=Volume,

    Rate=100, DirectionX=0, DirectionY=1, DirectionZ=0; Along Axis=5.


2. Create a default camera and change TranslateY=5, TranslateZ=25 and RotateX=15. ("Image1.jpg").


        click for larger version             Image1.jpg


3. Create a Polygon Cube and set Scale X=0.07, ScaleY=0.07 and ScaleZ=0.


4. Select the "pCube1", and then press the "ctrl" key and select "particles1".  Select Instancer(Replacement).

    This will instance "pCube1" to each and every particle. If you play now, you can see each particle carries a 

    "pCube1", which is the instance of the original object. Meaning, whatever changes you make to the original

    object (pCube1), will affect the object instanced to the particles.


5. Select the particles and in the attribute editor, expand the Instancer (Geometry Replacement) and change

    options for Rotation to "position".


6.In the viewport current select "Panels\Perspective\camera1". Now play a while and at frame 80, your viewport 

   should resemble "Image2.jpg". 


      click for larger version                 Image2.jpg


7. Apply a new Blinn shader to the "pCube1" and set the following settings - Color to Black, Eccentricity=1,

    Specular Roll Off=1, Specular Color=H-45, S-1, V-2, Glow Intensity=0.1.


8.In the render Globals set the "Camera" to "camera1" and quality to "Production Quality" and set your desired

   "Name", "Range" and "Resolution" for render. Do a test render around frame 150 and your render should

    resemble "Image3.jpg".


      click for larger version                 Image3.jpg


You can now, play around your camera inside the particles as a fly through golden particles.

You can download the completed scene file "GoldenParticles.rar".



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-Lou Holtz


Author: Prashanth VS
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