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Particle Strings | Smoke Line 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Particle Curve

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Last Modified:04/12/2010
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particle, smoke

Draws a Nurbs Curve based on emitted particles.  The possibilities of this versatile tool are endless - it is particularily good for wispy cigarette smoke. 

When you open the file you'll see a cone as the emitter and a cube which houses the control channels.  This is just the standard setup - you can rebuild to suit your needs.  Hit play and the cone will start to emit a particle stream.  The script will draw a curve based on the particles, and the included dynamics set up allows you consolidated control over the simulation. This simulation uses a pull / push field which prevents the particles from getting too close or too far from each other.  There is also a spring on the particles for added control.  See the last image for more details

To reset the particle curve, rewind to frame 0, select all verts of the curve and snap move them back to their origin.  Comments and criticism welcome, the particle curve will be updated regularly.

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