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Free MayaFPS for Maya 1.4.0 (maya plugin)

MayaFPS allows controlling the perspective camera using first person shooter controls (WASD & mouse)

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Update: MayaFPS is now free for non-commercial use. Please head to the plug-in's homepage to download it, since we will not be updating the files hosted here.

MayaFPS is a plugin for Maya which implements first person camera controls. The plugin allows controlling the perspective camera in Maya using traditional first person shooter controls (WASD for movement, mouse to look around). This is very useful and saves a lot of time for a lot of scene types, like game levels and architectural walkthroughs for example.

Using FPS controls offers lots of additional freedom to the users while navigating their scenes. MayaFPS integrates cleanly with Maya such that it feels as if first person controls were a native feature, and once you start using the plug-in, you will never be able to use Maya without it again!

Kindly consider donating to support us by finding the 'donate' button on MayaFPS's homepage:

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