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Creating a Realistic Park Bench by: Mike York
Creating a Realistic Park Bench by: Mike York
Michael York, added 2010-01-09 02:54:05 UTC 42,942 views  Rating:
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This tutorial demonstrates how to model a park bench in 3dmax. Created in (2005) for

For starters start a new scene or reset 3ds max so you have a fresh clean start on this model.

Step 1

Ok first thing is to click the create menu on the top right of your screen and click on Extended Primitives (See Below)

Step 2

Next we want to click champher box and in the top viewport click and drag out and make a box shape and make a total of 3 clicks to finish the whole process for a champhered shape. Don't worry about the size put in the legth and width amounts just like I have on my screen shot and you should be ok. (See Below)

Step 3

Now with the champhered box selected hold the shift key down and click the select and move button at the top of your screen and drag out a total of 5 copies then click ok. (See Below)

Step 4

Next click the select and rotate button at the top and rotate it along the
x-axis 16.11 degrees. (See below)

Step 5

Now we will start to build the back of the park bench by selecting the first champhered box we made and copying it up the back of the chair. While selecting and rotating to get our desired look. You can position these how you want because this is one of the key parts of how the back of your chair design will look. Be creative you don't have to position the way I have them but the tutorial flows better if you do. (See Below)

Step 6

Next we will start the frame of the park bench. Click the shapes button next to the create button (circled in red below) and click line tool (See below)

Step 7

Now in your left viewport click and drag and click and drag until you create a line along the back of the chair and along the botton of the chair like I did (See below)

Step 8

With the line selected click the modify tab again and click vertex. Next you will want to click renderable and all the other boxes below that. Also change the sides and thickness like I have on my screenshot (See Below)

Step 9

Now in your front viewport make 3 copies of your line by holding down shift and click the select and move button. Move them along the x-axis and position each on so they look like the image below

Step 10

Select all three lines and right click in you viewport in a grey section and click isolate selection. This just makes it easier to model and see the next part of the park bench (See Below)

Step 11

Now in your shapes menu make another champhered box. Start out in your top viewport and zoom in and drag out a box again click and drag a total of three times (See Below)  

Step 12

Fill in your length ect to match what I have on my screen. We are makin the legs to the park bench so this determines how high the bench will be. (See Below)

Step 13

Next with the leg selected click the modifier tab again and put a edit poly modifier on it. (See Below)

Step 14

In your left viewport zoom in on the leg and then click on vertex. Now to clean up this model a little and make it less poly we will delete some of the vertices. Click and drag out till you have all the top 3 rows selected then hit delete on your keyboard. (See below)

Step 15

Now that your vertices have been deleted there is a gaping hole in your mesh but thats easy to fix. Click border under your vertex and edge option and the click the top line of the leg. Next click the cap button under the Edit borders section. (See Below)

Step 16

Next we will make the bottom of the bench leg. Zoom in on the leg in your perspective viewport
Click polygon mode to the right of your vertex and edges ect mode then click the very bottom polygon.
Now click the bevel button in your edit polygons menu. Click and drag twice over and over until it looks like the image below.

Step 17

Ok were almost done modeling this bench. Next in your top viewport click your bench leg and make 3 copies of it as well. Then make 3 more copies and move them to the back of the bench. Try to make it look like the image below.

Step 18

Right click in your viewport in a grey section and click unhide all. Next I will show u how to make the arm rests.

Modeling The Arm Rests

Step 1

First you want to start with selecting a line (See Below)

Step 2

After selecting the line you need to start off in your left viewport and you need to click once at the back of the bench to start the line the click again at the start of the curve. Then make 3 more clicks and move downward with your mouse a litt;e bit at a time until u get the shape below.

Also make sure to make sure that u check renderable and the two other options below it just like the image below

Step 3

Next go into the modifier stack of the line and select segment (See Below)

Step 4

Next I would recommend smoothing out all the vertex's except the last one and the end of the spiral. You do this
by clicking line then clicking vertex. Then click the vertex you want to smooth then right click and choose smooth (See Below)

Step 5

Ok now what u want to do is put a edit poly modifier on the line (See Below)

Step 6

Next click the vertex on the bottom of the spiral and move it up a tad until it looks like the image below

Step 7

Get into your perspective viewport and zoom in a tad until u can see the two polygons that are below the vertise u just moved. Click polygon mode then select
the two polys like the image below

Step 8

Now click extrude or Alt "e" then click and drag upward till u meet the bench. Also make sure you are in your left viewport (See Below)

Step 9

Almost done all u have to do is make 3 or 2 copies which is up to u and move them like the image below

Now with a little bit of materials and lighting you should be all set and it should look something like the below image :)

I hope this tutorial was helpful for beginners out there and for anyone who uses 3d. If there is any part of this tutorial that does'nt make sense or you need some help on some part of it feel free to contact me at

Thanx :-)