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S 64E Skycrane 3D Model

S-64E Skycrane with winch for heavy lift and construction


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Last Modified:03/02/2013
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This model is only artistic representation of the subject matter. I made it for a flight magazine illustration. If you like the model please rate it.
The S-64 Skycrane is an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter. It is the civil version of the United States Army's CH-54 Tarhe.The Aircrane can be fitted with a 2,650-gallon (~10,000 litre) fixed retardant tank to assist in the control of bush fires, and it has proved itself admirably in this role.S-64 Aircranes have been sold to the Italian and Korean Forest Services for fire suppression and emergency response duties. Those in the Manufacturer Air-Crane fleet are leased worldwide to organizations, companies, and Federal Government agencies for either short-term or longer term use in fire suppression, civil protection, heavy lift construction, and timber harvesting.General characteristics Crew: 2 (pilot, co-pilot), plus room for one rear-facing observer Capacity: up to 5 total persons Payload: 20,000 lb (9,072 kg) Length: 70 ft 3 in (21.41 m (fuselage)) Rotor diameter: 72 ft 0 in (21.95 m) Height: 18 ft 7 in (5.67 m) Disc area: 4070 ft² (378.1 m²) Empty weight: 19,234 lb (8,724 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 42,000 lb (19,050 kg) Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-4A (T73-P-1) turboshaft engines, 4,500 shp (3,555 k W) eachPerformance Maximum speed: 109 knots (126 mph, 203 km/h) Cruise speed: 91 knots (105 mph, 169 km/h) Range: 200 nmi (230 mi, 370 km) max fuel and reserves Rate of climb: 1,330 ft/min (6.75 m/s)

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