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Massive Gym Equipment Collection 3D Model

The following Gym pack contains 47 Assorted pieces of Gym Equipment; 21 of which are rigged and animated.


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This is the best value Gym Pack on the Internet! 
The following Gym pack contains 47 Assorted pieces of Gym Equipment; 21 of which are rigged and animated. 
It has been built to render in both Mental Ray and Octane, and all materials have been neatly arranged and attached to one Multi-Sub Material, so you can replace the Materials with your own very quickly and easily.

The List of equipment can be seen below:

-------------------------RIGGED / ANIMATED ASSETS------------------------- 
Bike 33992 tris 
Stationary Bike 32904 tris 
Spinbike Machine 29896 tris 
Recumbent Bike Machine 46400 tris 
Elliptical 115248 tris 
Rowing Machine 18716 tris

Chest Press Machine 46014 tris 
PecDec/Flye Machine 55440 tris

Lat PullDown Machine 120712 tris 
Lat PullDown Machine - V-Bar Extension 123592 tris 
Pull Up Assist Machine 71944 tris

Leg Curl Machine 124154 tris 
Leg Extension Machine 109628 tris 
Leg Press Machine 69646 tris 
Seated Calf Raise Machine 90598 tris 
Smith Machine 193284 tris

Boxing Bag 75260 tris 
Skipping Rope 5308 tris 
Cable 8980 tris 
Cable - Rope Extension 10972 tris 
Suspension Cable 5052 tris

-------------------------NON RIGGED ASSETS------------------------- 
Barbell - Heavyweight 14812 tris 
Barbell - Lightweight 8468 tris 
EZ Curl Bar 40296 tris 
Dumbbell 2722 tris 
KettleBell 15504 tris 
Isolated Weights - 5kg, 10kg, 20kg 3172 tris each 
Medicine Ball 960 tris

Bench 1528 tris 
Bench - Incline 18880 tris 
Bench Press 1950 tris 
Chair 21348 tris 
Power Rack 21984 tris 
Glute Ham Raiser 144888 tris 
Hip Raiser 26028 tris 
Hyper Extension 15271 tris 
Preacher Curl Station 47622 tris 
Situp Bench 22206 tris

Treadmill 129078 tris 
StairMaster Machine - Not Rigged 26496 tris

Ab Roller 7672 tris 
Bosu Ball 26280 tris 
Foam Roller + Mat 3116 tris 
BattlingRopes 4988 tris each 
Exercise ball 3538 tris 
Floor Ladder 37092 tris 
Box 1452 tris 
Step 4644 tris

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