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TopRig : Auto Rigging biped Toony & Game 1.5.1 for Maya (maya script)

Automatic Rigging tool for toony and game biped-character.

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  • 2013, 2012, 2011

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Last Modified:12/15/2016
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Rig, Rigging, automatic

  TopRig is a new Automatic Rigging melScript tool for toony and game biped-character, simple clean user interface .This is for all levels of users, beginner to pro Rigger/Animator who want a fast,easy way to get their Advanced character rig with all functionalities and controls in a few clicks .


- Very clear understanding for user .

- Direct choice of character type to rig "toony" or "Game(normal)" .

- Blue button automaticlly guide you to process steps.

- Ability to replace default control by your own control .

- Get a single hierarchy at the end .

Main Features controls

- Blending fk/ik arm,leg:foot

- Ability to show both fk/ik controls position to see each other mode while switching.

- Reverse foot system nicely smooth or without flipping problem while swicthing fk/ik leg.

- Stretch/squash : torso,

- Stretch : Arm,leg and head.

- Preserving perpendicularity between hand and arm while moving on ik mode. * hand position lockable.

- Arm's twisting ,*no flipping problem .

- Fk/ik fingers.

- Parent hand ik control to head/torso/hip/world .

- Auto-following torso---->foots on/off .

- Etc.

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