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BroDynamics for Maya 1.6.0 (maya script)

Animator-friendly simulation tool for Maya. Quickly add spring-like\nHair motion to any controls\objects!

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Last Modified:05/25/2017
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Update 1.5.0 Information

If you download BroDynamics now, you will download two versions, 1.4.6 and 1.5.0. 

Maya 2017 support is added with version 1.5.0, but it was not extensively tested yet. Because of this I put BETA label on version 1.5.0. It should work fine, but I can't guarantee it's stability. Feel free to report any bugs.

If you want a more stable version and if you don't need support for Maya 2017, you may use version 1.4.6.

Update 1.4.0 Video

How To:

Update 1.2.0 Video


A script for Autodesk Maya, that can help you easily create secondary motion dynamics simulation without breaking rigs, and bake it to controls, so you can fine-tune it by hand, if needed. It is designed for animators.

I wrote it for myself, after browsing the web for any way to quickly add simulation to any rig. Something similar to Spring Magic in Max. And I did not find any working solution. So I wrote it myself, and used it on a couple projects already with different rigs coming from different riggers.

It was designed to work with any rig, without the need to build any simulation into the rig itself. Long ears, tails, bellies, breasts, tentacles, ropes, antennaes, you name it. It even works with arms, legs, spine, fingers! :D Or any other selection of objects.

It has a few benefits over the dynamics buit into the rig:
1. You can keep the rig itself less complex, which means you can create it faster, and spend less time for it's maintenance.
2. If you're an animator working in a studio, or a freelancing animator, who's access to the rig file is restricted (common pipeline), and there is no simulation built into the rig by your rigger, you can easily simulate anything you want.
3. It is fast. And you get animation baked on controls, so you can fine-tune it by hand.

It has a few down-sides for now. Currently it's a 1 step process, and the only way to preview the simulation settings is to run the simulation. But usually it works really fast, it takes about a second to simulate 100 frames, and if you turn off viewport refresh - it works even faster. So you can quickly iterate, simulate, undo, change settings, simulate again, etc.

Demo video:


1. Unpack\Copy BroTools folder into any folder on your computer.

Good example would be: C:\Users\UserName\Documents\maya\MayaVersion\scripts

But any other folder should do.

2. Open Maya, and select the shelf you'd like BroDynamics button to be added to

3. Open Script editor, and drag-n-drop file on the Python tab of it

4. Run the script. It should guide you through the setup process.


To update to newer version, just replace old files, and restart Maya.


Online documentation available from Help - Documentation

1. Open the UI with the shelf button provided after installation.
2. Select objects you wish to animate, from base to end.3. Set parameters in UI. See hints provided at the bottom of the UI, when you roll-over something.
4. Click "Simulate"

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