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Cartoon Blondie Rigged Character 1.4.0 for Maya

Sexy Blonde Girl Character Rig - Scalable!


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Last Modified:03/10/2014
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Rig, animation, babe, face

This Blondie rig is a production level animation rig:  A fully loaded facial system including L/R blendshapes, brow, hair and tongue controls.  Laid out UVs, stretchy IK / FK spine and limbs.  This v1.4 release is sculptable, stretchable and scaleable!  

Blondie Rig features:

  • Robust Facial Rig with tongue controls
  • Squashy eyes
  • Moveable mouth
  • Hair controls
  • UVs laid out
  • IK / FK stretchy spine
  • IK / FK stretchy limbs
  • "Bowing" bendy arms, torso and boob controls
  • Squashy head
  • Fully rescaleable
  • Consolidated PolySmooth switch
  • Clean and organized nodes
  • Animator and Rigger friendly - Guts and Bones switch in the parent of the main coin
  • Flexible, deformable rig

I hope you'll find the rig easy to use and intuitive.  The facial controls are found in the Jaw channel box - the eye and brow controls in the look target channel box.  As for accessing the other features, please check the video above for a detailed breakdown on how to use the rig.

Technocrats will appreciate the BONES / EXTRAS channel in the parent group of the main coin.  Show or hide all the rigs "guts" by selecting the main coin and tapping UP to find the channels within the parent node.  There is minimal chance of accidentally "breaking" the rig - all the sensitive features are hidden, yet easilly accessed should you need to do some tinkering.

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