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Free Maya Dragon Rig 3D Model

Free Maya Dragon Rig made by Truong CG Artist

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  • Maya (.ma, .mb) - v2012


Includes Normal MapYes
Detail Levelhigh
Avg. Textures Res.4k


Last Modified:12/16/2016
Total Size of Files: 115 MB
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  • Clipdix

    Clipdix said 4 days ago:

    Loved the rig! Super awesome for a shot I wanted to test out. I can't get it to render properly though. It turns out super bright everytime. Any suggetions?
  • adrian braicu

    adrian braicu said 12 months ago:

    great rig how ever there seems to be some kind of connection with the rig file and the lighting file, when i dont use the lighting file there is a light source that is not showing up anywhere and i am unable to work with it or get rid of it. please let me no how i can use this rig with out any light source
  • cvbtruong

    cvbtruong said about 1 year ago:

    Hi Chris, You can scale the dragon without any problem now. Let me know if you have any further issues. Best, Truong
  • Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson said about 1 year ago:

    This is the best dragon I have had the privilege of working with; thank you for sharing for FREE! That said, I'd like to do some test animations that use effects like bifrost aero; and unfortunately the dragon needs to be scaled in the scene to do this. When I attempted to scale the dragon, his spines don't stay put (they move all over his body and eventually, when I scale to .01, they crumple up underneath him). Let me know if there is a way to scale the dragon and keep the spines on his back in the same place relative to the dragon body.
  • cvbtruong

    cvbtruong said over 1 year ago:

    Hi Sozzo98, I have this warning too. But nothing is serious about this, you can animate and render without any problem.
  • Sozzo98

    Sozzo98 said over 1 year ago:

    Hi, I am having a problem with opening the file in Maya 2016 it says "Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in a data loss in the dragon rig. Please check the Script Editor for details. And it says the same for Dragon lighting. Can you please help me?
  • cvbtruong

    cvbtruong said over 1 year ago:

    This is Epic, Roberto El Diablo! If you want to I can render the animation for you, simply send me the file via my email (if the file is heavy, upload somewhere & send me the link) Cheers! :D
  • Antoine Barthod

    Antoine Barthod said over 1 year ago:

    Thank you for this truly amazing rig ! I have nearly nothing to say ! You can watch a little animation I did with it here if you want Truong :)
  • cvbtruong

    cvbtruong said over 1 year ago:

    Thank you for send me this animation, maya norway! Love it. Love it so much. What do you mean "the poles sticking out of its arms"? Can you send me an email to Let see if I can fix it. I also see the spines not follow the body correctly (skinning issues), I will fix it.
  • maya norway

    maya norway said over 1 year ago: here i got a walk cycle using the rig. so one more thing i noticed is that the wings (the "poles" sticking out of its arms) are very hard to work with. i coulnt make it look smooth, but the rest was very fun to use.

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