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Geometric Informatics announces GeoUV Maya and 3dsmax Plugin
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Geometric Informatics announces GeoUV Maya and 3dsmax Plugin
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Boston, MA ., March 19, 2007 Geometric Informatics is proud to announce the release of GeoUV, a plug-in for Maya and 3D Studio Max. GeoUV excels over other texture mappers by automating the mapping process while minimizing distortion.

"GeoUV is an exciting product that the gaming and animation industry needs." said Vincent Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Geometric Informatics. GeoUV provides animators and designers an automated texture mapper that provides quality results while maximizing machine resources.

Geo UV is a texture mapping tool that automatically produces a map from a 3D surface to a 2D surface.  This tool seamlessly integrates into Maya 6.5, 7.0, or 8 and is available for 3dsMax 9.

Geo UV helps 3D computer artists finish hours of work within minutes:
  • Saves the 3d animator time and money
  • allows your business to generate more work in lesst ime
  • Generates uniform mapping
  • Keeps the UV shell count to a minimum
  • Ensures that the map is distortion-free upon reapplicaton to the model, even at sites of surface cuts
  • Provides UV map generation
  • Is "intrinsic" to the geometry, independent of the triangulation, insensitive to the resolution of the 3D structure
  • Provides surface cuts for unwrapping that are solely determined by the surface's geometry
  • Produces model and textures that can be exported for processing by other 3D packages
Geometric Informatics applies newly discovered algorithms developed from modern differential geometry and complex geometry to create state-of-the art graphics technology. Our techniques in advanced computer graphics, geometric modeling, and geometric processing invoke a totally new graphics era. We are proud to be a part of the revolutions in all computer-aided geometric design, including but not limited to animation, reverse engineering, digital media and entertainment industries.

Pricing:  Geo UV Texture Mapper is currently being offered at a half off discount of just $119 (for limited time).

We strive to produce versatile, innovative, and user-friendly graphics processing systems, incorporating our solutions into future technologies.

Please visit our website,, for more information.

Geometric Informatics contact:

Rachael Choi, Marketing Manager
Geometric Informatics
Tel. (617)440-1078

About Geometric Informatics

Founded in 2002, Geometric Informatics (GI) is a research and software development company based in Boston that specializes in 3D computer graphics and produces cutting-edge products for a variety of industries. We are one of the world's fastest growing and innovative computer graphics companies.