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Autodesk: Maya Shortcuts & Hotkey Guide
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Autodesk: Maya Shortcuts & Hotkey Guide
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Autodesk has created and made available a guide detailing 150+ Maya Keyboard Shortcuts. The Maya Shortcuts & Hotkey Guide is available in a printable format and downloadable by PDF.  The guide is broken into One-Key Shortcuts, Shortcut Commands by Category, and Pane Specific Commands. Also included is an example keyboard overlay and shortcuts which need to be used in tandem with a mouse.


Using these shortcuts will make tackling simple and even more complicated projects far easier and more efficient. Newer and longtime users are likely to find this guide extremely useful.


  • elianahermione

    elianahermione said 3 months ago:

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  • addilynallan

    addilynallan said 3 months ago:

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  • forest3

    forest3 said 3 months ago:

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  • johnedwards

    johnedwards said 2 months ago:

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  • david fre

    david fre said about 2 months ago:

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  • bill drop

    bill drop said 14 days ago:

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  • ProGhostWriter Writer

    ProGhostWriter Writer said about 1 month ago:

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  • allisonlucas

    allisonlucas said about 1 month ago:

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  • steve larsc

    steve larsc said 20 days ago:

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