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Patio Swing 3D Model

A patio swing detailed, textured, rigged and animated


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Last Modified:12/15/2009
Total Size of Files: 23.5 MB
This patio swing or garden swing is a highly detailed model right down to the bolts, springs and rubber mesh on the seat.  The cushions are covered in textured fabric, the swing has a top canopy and two swingout end tables.

The model is entirely subdivision surface and completed with every detail, UV maps for the fabric and texture maps used for transparency on the conopy and bump maps on the fabric as well.  

The scene is setup in modo 401 and fully rigged with a controller to set the table positions, the canopy tilt and the amount of swinging motion.  Also, the rig shifts the whole frame forward and back as it swings like a real swing does when a person swings in it from their weight.  The rig also supports a gravity morph map that keeps the fabric pointing down on the canopy regardless of how it is tilted.  And the fabric on the cushion moves by morph map when it is swinging as well.  All of that is setup by a controller in modo.  The rigging likely doesn't export to other applications but the model is separated in layers so it is easy to add your own animation to i

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