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Greek Homeric Odysseus Ship 3D Model

Greek Homeric Odysseus Ship, the legendary Ship of the Greek hero Ulysses. C4D, 3DS, OBJ, VUE6to12!


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  • Cinema 4D (.c4d) - vC4D6to16
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) - v3DS
  • OBJ (.obj) - vOBJ
  • Vue (.vue) - vVUE6to12
  • Textures (.tex, .jpg, .bmp, .etc) - vUVTemplat
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) - vRWorldScal


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Last Modified:02/27/2018
Total Size of Files: 130 MB
Greek Homeric Odysseus Ship.
This ship was used by Odysseus, ie. Ulysses, to flee from the giant Polyphemus, from the Sirens and from Scylla and Charybdis.
Early Greek Warship Pentekonter [lng: 20 m.; crew: 1 commander, 1 helmsman, 50 oarsmen who are also soldiers].
Based on the famous Tragana Early Greek Ship, it's generally considered the type of ship used by the famous Greek Homeric Hero Odysseus [i.e. Ulysses in Latin] during his incredible voyages. Useful also for any Mycenaean use.
79 HD Textures, UVMap and Alternate Textures.
Real Model with complete real Sails Rigging, 50 working Oars for 50 oarsmen.

Real World Scale Model [Real World System]. Quads [C4D; OBJ] & Tris [VUE;3DS].

SmartCgArt is member of the Archaeological Institute of America-AIA.

Faithful and accurate Reconstruction of a Greek Homeric Odysseus Ship, as from remains and evidence.

With 3 alternate Prow decoration Elements, according to ancient Greek Naval design.
This Model is correct and useful also for any type of Greek Mycenaean use or rendering.
This type of ship was used both for Combat and Transport.

In the package you will find:
1- 1 complete Greek Homeric Odysseus Ship [Hi-Detailed SL0 ready for Subdivision Systems or C4D HyperNURBS];
2- 1 Sail Alternate in Reefed Position [battle position];
3- Alternate Prow decoration Elements;
4- 79 Hi-Quality Hi-Def PhotoReal Textures [4096xx2048; 2048x2048; 1700x1100; 1500x1500; etc.];
5- Alternate Textures to create different types of elements;
6- Alternate Sails textures;
7- 1 UVMap with UVTemplate to customize the Model;
8- Tutorials on how to use the model correctly;
9- Real World Scale SmartCgArt Man Reference System with models [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ, DXF].

All the Models are prepared Hi-DEF and Photoreal, perfect for any type of Rendering!

POLYGONS/VERTICES COUNT [Complete Odysseus Ship Model SL0]
C4D-OBJ: only/mostly quads [188829; 181596]
VUE-3DS: triangulated [359863; 181596]


These models are useful for many types of sceneries, ancient sceneries but also modern ones, as for Roman re-enactment.

The Archaeo.Sys 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Classical Greek and Roman Antiquity.

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