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Glock 17 3D Model

Glock 17 pistol


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  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx) - v4.7


Includes Normal MapYes
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Avg. Textures Res.4k


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FPS, Gameready, ue4, pbr, 3d pistol

Glock 17 model, modelled as high poly mesh, and baked down to a low poly mesh.

Model is broken up into parts including: Slide, Magazine, Trigger, Small trigger, Magazine release and Slide release. Included is also an empty magazine, a single 9mm bullet and an empty 9mm casing.

The pack includes an already set up blueprint and material for Unreal engine 4 in .uasset format, if you are using another engine refer the that engines documentation for setting up meshes and materials.

** Note **

  • No LOD meshes.
  • No Rigging.
  • No Animations.
  • Arms are NOT included (Author 3DMaesen, found @ SkethchfaB) (First person renders with arms are posed stills to emulate a first person shooter preview).

Triangle counts:

Pistol with magazine and bullets: 7824 Tris, 4177 Verts Empty magazine: 476 Tris, 246 Verts Full magazine: 1988 Tris, 1062 Verts 9mm bullet: 504 Tris, 272 Verts 9mm casing: 324 Tris, 164 Verts

The whole model, including bullet and casing uses 1 texture map, manually UV'd. Textures are supplied in 4k. In PBR format. There is also a texture version where the trademark GLOCK has been removed, and logo replaced with a generic logo.

Textures exported out of substance painter in 8-bit .PNG format in the following:

  • Standard PBR bitmaps (Basecolor, roughness, metallic, AO)
  • Unreal engine 4 (Packed)
  • Unity 5 (Packed, Metallic)
  • Unity 5 (Packed, Specular)

Buyer can make any changes as he see fits on the mesh or material.

Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? please Contact Support to verify we can provide the format you need.

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