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Chengdu J-20 3D Model

Chinese Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter


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Detail Levelmedium
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Last Modified:01/26/2011
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Only cinema4d R10 has materials and textures. Other formats zip files have textures enclosed. All control surfaces (canards, rudders, flaps, slats. ailerons) are single objects and can be moved.
Polygons 11214
Vertices 10863
This model is only artistic representation of the subject matter. Made for a flight magazine illustration. If you like the model please rate it.
The Chengdu J-20 is a fifth generation stealth, twin-engine fighter aircraft prototype for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force. In late 2010, the J-20 underwent high speed taxiing tests. The J-20 made its first flight on 11 January 2011. Chinese Army Air Force expect the J-20 to be operational in 2017–2019. The J-20 was one of the stealth fighter programs under the codename J-XX that was launched in the late 1990s. It has been also designated “Project 718”. Two prototypes #2001-01 & #2001–02 have been built as of the end of 2010.
The J-20 is a single-seat, twin-engine aircraft which appears to be somewhat larger and heavier than the comparable Sukhoi T-50 and Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The J-20 may have lower supercruise speed yet greater range and less agility than a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor or PAK FA, but might have larger weapon bays and carry more fuel. The J-20 has a long and wide fuselage and low jet engine intakes with a forward chine, a main delta wing, forward canards, a bubble canopy, conventional round engine exhausts and canted all-moving fins. The front section of the J-20 is similarly chiseled as the F-22 Raptor and the body and tail resemble those of the Sukhoi T-50 prototype
The J-20's overall stealth shaping is "without doubt considerably better" than the F-35 and PAK FA, and may be eventually comparable to the F-22, but the excessive number of airfoils on the J-20 will challenge its ability to remain stealthy from all directions. As of January 2011 the engine nozzles were clearly non-stealthy; this may be due to the fact that the final "fifth generation" engines had not been completed yet. However, one of the prototypes uses WS-10G engines with stealthy jagged-edge nozzles and tiles.

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