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BASIC man and woman mesh 3D Model

BASIC man and woman mesh, %100 quads, clean topology

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Last Modified:12/16/2016
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man, woman, mesh, base, basic, polygon

I always wanted to have a good starting point for a human like mesh that did not need too much work in order to radically change the shape of the mesh to get quite a varied shape without contorting a well established mesh to begin with.

After a long hard search on the net, I came to realize most of the ones I found, too detailed and I had to go and subtract allot of detail in order to get it to a level where I could change it into almost any style and shape I wanted without worrying too much about the topology because of the detail that previously existed, or otherwise I would weigh up if it would be faster to go and build a complete model from scratch.

As a resault I went ahead and built both man and women shaped meshes that hold enough detail but could easily be changed into any shape and dimension or style and adding additional topology on top of the mesh would be easy to do, they are both %100 quads and the edge loops stay local to the hands and feet as well as the face and body, so that once you move the limbs, head and torso around and add or subtract what little detail they have it won't group up badly to other parts of the body when adding additional edge loops or taking edge loops away for example.

The face is simple and could be boiled down to a "Stop starring" mesh with a well defined region above the nose for frown and eyebrow shaping in its most primate form, the eyes, mouth and nose are edge looped as simple as can be, and the ears follow a simple concentric shape also.

let me know if you think I can improve my base mesh, keep in mind its not supposed to be fancy just simple and practical, I know there are allot of thrid party apps that generate allot of the models automatically I just wanted something that matched my needs and I am curious if any one else has found it hard to get a good base mesh, or just give me a heads up otherwise
"Happy Face :)"

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