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Bubbler Pro 1.0.0 for Maya

Quick Bubble effects with two types of generators.


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Last Modified:06/11/2018
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This is a two for one asset - Two bubble generator rigs.  Quite possibly the only Maya bubbler you'll ever need.
Bubbler is a dynamic nParticle Generator which uses instanced geometry and expressions to mimic the motion and swirl of bubbles. The bubbles stretch at high velocity and flatten out at low velocity, they also spin from their emission point. There is a seperate control object forl the deformation and animation speed of each individual bubble.  The bubbles are not spheres, rather wobbly blobby shapes as you'd find in real life.

BubblerB a is a non-dynamic bubble generator which is used to mimic a large mass of moving bubbles in a straight line or a curve.  This is to mimc the effect of bubbles streaming out from behind a propellor prop and can generate thousands of bubbles, without resorting to a simulation.  Please note that sometimes you'll have top shuffle frames to see changes in settings - it's an artifact of fluid to polygons.

When conbined, the two assets can be used to create underwater bubble effects like trails, bubble explosions, carbonated drinks or aquarium type effects.  I've left the inner workings mostly unlocked, but hidden.  You can access all the guts by selecting CTL GP and switching "Guts" on.

Please send any questions, bugs or feature requests to me in the comments section and I will respond within 24 hours. If you like the Bubbler Pro, please give a hearty thumbs up.

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