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Monk Rig 3D Model

Monk Rig with robust facial system


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  • Maya (.ma, .mb) - v8.5


Detail Levelmedium
Avg. Textures Res.1k


Last Modified:10/29/2012
Total Size of Files: 10.8 MB
v1.01 update: fixed missing texture files - consolidated visible bones into main coin controller, a few minor tweaks.

Here is the long awaited Jailer Rig - an animation rig I built years ago for a film I started but never finished.

This rig has a few unique features - for one it uses polygons for both the final output mesh and for the control objects.  Secondly you'll find the facial controls by viewing the FACE CAMERA and tunring on the FACE layer.  Finally the IK FK switch for the arms is in the rigs main coin.  Besides these three points (Which show off my maturing skills as a novice-pro rigger) the rig is intuitive, and dare I say, fun to use.

The face is flexible and by far my favorite feature - besides the hands which I'm also fond of. Try out the unique animation controls, you'll be happy with the flexibility and customizabilty of the facial expressions.  All textures are included - the rig also comes with the jailers trademark bottle of Budweiser beer and a keyring - all rigged of course. 

I'm very eager to see what becomes of my Jailer, so if you do end up using him for an animated project, please drop me a line and let me know about it - I'd love to see it.

Ideas for improvements and updates welcome as always, I am willing to make custom adjustments for your particular needs, just drop me a line.

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