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PARRY STUDIOS Announces its latest 3D Short Film
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PARRY STUDIOS Announces its latest 3D Short Film
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Melbourne, Australia June 30, 2009 Parry Animation Studios, founded by Jack Parry and Marianna Parry, in association with Screen Australia has released its latest CG-animated short, Calypso.


The film is the result of the collaboration between Parry Studios and the multi-award winning Australian Animation/Director/Producer Sarah Watt, one of Australia's most celebrated animators. 

Calypso, which is Directed by Jack Parry, and Produced by Marianna Parry is the story of an old man's escape from dying.   In the not-so-distant future our elderly are left to be cared for by machines.   George, an abandoned, terminally ill man, has been left to end his life surrounded by a circle of mechanized carers in a cold and sterile hospital ward.   Georges only solace is what little can be seen from his window. Until one night George has a visitor  

Calypso is a story for all ages and used 3D animation mixed with hand drawn illustrations.   The structure of the story of Calypso was drawn from the inspirational music of The Counterfeit Gypsies, a local Melbourne group, who were also heavily involved in the animation process.  The animation was created for the music, then the music was re-created for the animation and so-on until both were perfectly married together in a beautiful energising synergy.

Calypso is largely the work of Jack Parry who has toiled tireless for over 2.5 years every day and night.   It was created using one computer and over a year of continuous rendering (24/7).   Work began in 2007 when Screen Australia agreed to fund its production. 

Currently, stills for the short can be view at

click for larger version
click for larger version
click for larger version


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