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  • csRuler for Xsi 0.2.0 (xsi script)
    csRuler for Xsi
    Just a basic ruler heelper for Softimage

    Updated 2011-06-01 17:08:11 UTC
  • Stopwatch|XSI for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Stopwatch|XSI for Xsi
    This is an HTML page that is designed to be...

    Added 2002-10-28 18:43:45 UTC
  • Xsi to Maya Camera for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Xsi to Maya Camera for Xsi
    These two scripts enable you to export camera...

    Added 2002-08-07 21:26:07 UTC
  • LM_transform_nudging.vbs for Xsi 2.5 (xsi script)
    LM_transform_nudging.vbs for Xsi
    Like the Nudging tool of Photoshop moving...

    Added 2002-01-18 21:48:54 UTC
  • XSI Syntax Color File for SynEdit for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    XSI Syntax Color File for SynEdit for Xsi
    A syntax coloring file and keyword library for...

    Added 2001-12-30 01:35:56 UTC
  • effect_symmetry for Xsi 1.1 (xsi script)
    effect_symmetry for Xsi
    This is a Script for the effect symmetry...

    Added 2001-09-25 13:53:14 UTC
  • SafeSave for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    SafeSave for Xsi
    This script is a "scene versioner and validity...

    Added 2001-02-28 08:37:54 UTC
  • mirrorJoint for Xsi 1.1 (xsi script)
    mirrorJoint for Xsi
    A script that can mirror joint chains. The...

    Added 2000-06-30 16:31:18 UTC
Showing 1-8 of 8