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Scripts / Plugins > Modeling compatible with Xsi

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  • rsCleanShapes with Softimage 2012 for Xsi
    Tool for clean shapes.

    Added 2013-11-08 09:09:37 UTC
  • SelCon for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    SelCon for Xsi
    Selects connected sub components in a PolyMesh

    Added 2005-07-09 17:35:49 UTC
  • cleanup_points for Xsi 0.0 (xsi script)
    cleanup_points for Xsi
    Cleans up points with only one or two...

    Added 2004-10-01 16:58:03 UTC
  • cgAlignPoints for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    cgAlignPoints for Xsi
    Makes the selected points planar with another...

    Added 2003-12-15 16:24:34 UTC
  • guided extrude for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    guided extrude for Xsi
    a guide extrude for xsi 3.0 USAGE:...

    Added 2003-01-16 01:25:05 UTC
  • InstanceLatticeSymmetry for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    InstanceLatticeSymmetry for Xsi
    DESCRIPTION: instances selected objects and...

    Added 2002-10-07 14:22:01 UTC
  • Instance Symmetry All for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Instance Symmetry All for Xsi
    instances all selected objects puts symmetry...

    Added 2002-10-07 00:14:29 UTC
  • RCTools for Xsi 3.0
    RCTools for Xsi
    includes the following functions: select...

    Added 2002-09-27 23:35:42 UTC
  • CurvePointOrder for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    CurvePointOrder for Xsi
    Changes the order of points on a curve(works...

    Added 2002-09-16 05:06:31 UTC
  • Toggle Faceted for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Toggle Faceted for Xsi
    Intended as a modeling tool. Toggles...

    Added 2002-05-13 12:32:26 UTC
  • UV_snip for Xsi

    Added 2002-04-24 00:35:09 UTC
  • Nurbs2Subdiv for Xsi 1.6 (xsi script)
    Nurbs2Subdiv for Xsi
    extracts control points from a NURBS obj to...

    Updated 2002-04-11 21:17:07 UTC
  • Image to Spheres for Xsi 0.0 (xsi script)
    Image to Spheres for Xsi
    Creates a grid of 3D spheres colored like each...

    Added 2002-02-04 18:27:39 UTC
  • Hullstoggle for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Hullstoggle for Xsi
    Toggle hulls display in the geometry...

    Added 2001-07-31 00:18:03 UTC
  • Easy Pull Tool for XSI 1.5 for Xsi 1.5 (xsi script)
    Easy Pull Tool for XSI 1.5 for Xsi
    version for XSI 1.5, check 1.0 version for...

    Added 2001-05-28 08:59:18 UTC
  • Subdiv-Head-Starter for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Subdiv-Head-Starter for Xsi
    This script creates a cube with no faces on...

    Updated 2001-05-02 09:15:13 UTC
  • Subdivide for Xsi 0.0 (xsi script)
    Subdivide for Xsi
    Provides a 'Subdivide' button which allows you...

    Added 2001-03-30 18:21:41 UTC
  • Easy Pull Tool for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Easy Pull Tool for Xsi
    The pull tool helps creating NURBS surfaces...

    Added 2001-03-03 00:03:14 UTC
  • MeshSplit for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    MeshSplit for Xsi
    (like Model>Polygon>Polygon Detach in...

    Added 2001-02-28 08:38:19 UTC
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