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Box-R 0.1.0 for Xsi

A simple rig made for XSI users due to the lack of rigs available,

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Last Modified:08/31/2009
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Box-R, XSI

Hey guys and gals, this is a small rig i made for XSI user. it was confusing me why there was such a small amount of rigs available for XSI so i thought i would make a nice little rig for XSI users to ply around with. its very simply controlled and has a lot of ways to minipulate the character how you like.

In the Uploaded fle there will be a Notepad file that has a small tutorial inside it with a couple of links at the bottom to my sites and a email address to contact me on if want to comment me at all.

also there is a QuickTime Video which is a more detailed tutorial of the characters controls and how to use them.

i hope that you find this rig a lot of use to you in your animations and come up with some really good ideas, if you do make any animations at all please feel free to send me a link to it as i would love to see what you guys come up with.

one last thing, this rig is Non-Commercial so please only use it for personal use.

hope you enjoy the rig and i hope this is one of many free rigs i will be uploading to the net for you guys to use.

Due to YouTube not allowing video uploads longer then 10mins i had to make this timelaps version and put the full version on my site.

you can find me and more of my work at

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