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edl2shk v0.5 BETA 0.5.0 for Shake

EDL to Shake/HALO script converter

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Last Modified:12/13/2006
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As there are so many new features in the script I decided to switch on beta program ;). This is really an update! New feature are:
- recursive search of media files which names were enclosed in EDL. This happens by default in Adobe
Premiere 1.5 & 2.0 but should be turn on in EDL Manager of AVID.
- now you can easlly send your AVID edit to Shake with QTReference file. Just export timeline as QTRef,
generate EDL and use new option [-q] along with path searching.
- our tiny UI is getting bigger.


What it can do?
This Python tool converts edit stored in EDL file into Shake or HALO script. Useful for finishing.

What do I need?
It should work on all platforms and Shake/Halo versions with Python >2.2 Go and get it here: (Linux and OSX are distributed with it but don't always containsTCL/TK which is a standard module for most distros and it's needed by GUI mode). EDL should be in CMX3600 format, which seems to be the one most popular nowadays. Although new parser should handle other format also. Script wasn't tested carfully in all enviroments!

Does it have UI?
Newest version possess crude UI for those of you not familiar with commadline tools. But it still works also in text mode. Calling it in a shell without arguments or just double click opens UI and prints help whereas giving it some argumets will force it to work in old fashon.

NOTE: This is again (sic!) last realize under the name of edl2shk as it was borrowed from inactive project which comes now to life (hopfully).

WARNING: It seems that current version doesn't work with Python 2.5 in GUI mode. Will try to fix it in near future. If someone needs it faster, he can hurry up me via email ;)

Change Log:
v0.5.0: Huge update!:
- Brand new but still tiny UI.
- Recursive search of media files.
- more flexible and effective EDL parser.
- QuickTime Reference mode for AVID users!
- automatic frame padding (###, $F4 etc)
- fixed bug in SelectNode generator.
- v0.4.0: Tiny UI added for lazy me... or you ;)
- v0.3.2: Small Linux/Python issue fixed.
- v0.3.1: One of question loops fixed.
- v0.3.0: NON RELATIVE option added. Important TC calc. bug fixed.
- v0.2.0: Slice timecode added (pretty useless tool without it).
Houdini/Halo support. Redesigned code - a bit...
(classes and so forth)

This is BETA version. Send info bugs and comments! Thanks!
November 2006, SYmek, edl2shk.script[at]

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