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RampWiz 0.0.0 for Shake

Time ramping from using edit cutlist data

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Last Modified:08/31/2005
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Hi all,

This is Zameer, again with a new macro named "RampWiz".

This is an easy to use and simple way to do the time ramps for your shots.

All you need to do is Open the internet explorer file and type the edge code details from the cutlist according to numder of cuts in the shot (use the set button to mention the number of cuts in the begining itself) and click on the "Get formula" button to get the script. Now copy the script and paste on the formula tab on the macro in shake and your ramping of the shot is ready instantaneously.

Key details :

Output choice : you can switch between your choice of rendering a video preview or the final render.

Shot Name : your shot name for the video preview.

Formula : the place where you copy the formula from the internet explorer file and paste

Hope you enjoy using my "RampWiz". Works excellent on nt and not tried on mac and linux.

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