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Burn, Dogde and SoftLight pack 1.1 for Shake

Burn, Doge and Softlight LayerMacro pack //...

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Last Modified:02/11/2002
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Burn, Doge and Softlight LayerMacro pack

// It trys to match Photoshops 'Burn', 'Dodge' and 'SoftLight' layer effect
// I didnt research official algorithms, but merely tried to match the Photoshop look**
// ! As in Photoshop the effectlayer goes on top!
// ** note, photoshop will create 'hot' pixels when highintensity pixels are burned with pure black
// I think this is caused by a roundoff error I have tried to match this 'look' by clamping the input
// Im considering making this a switchable 'feature' but so far I'll just leave it
// variables:
// EffectColors: the effect or bias color used to burn and dodge the input
// ratio: the ratio of the Dodge and Burn component ~70% seems to match the default photoshop look
// v1.1: Cleaned up Burn.h and Dodge.h to use Clamp instead of ColorX, and added headerinfo.
// I also moved the functions to the LayerToolsMenu
// Fixed the Softlight Color1 effectlayer to match res with the largest input.
// Oh yeah, used the fabulous icoon macro to do 3 quick icons :)

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