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shakeExport 1.1.0

export objecs 3d movements into 2d raster space

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Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Windows


Last Modified:04/30/2002
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You may have read about mtoc., well Shake fans rejoyce! I bring you Maya, shaken not stirred.

shakeExport will export an objects 3d movements into 2d raster space and save out a shake script containing a tracker node. All you do is import this script into shake and reference any node to use its x and y animation. Great for anyone who doesn't want to track 3d animated footage into 2d space in shake. This script will give you precision positioning in raster space even if the object goes out of the camera's view, something a tracker can't handle.

NOTE: Previous version 1.0 only worked with NT. This uses a diffrent fileBrowser method to work with all OS's (Linux, Irix, Win).

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