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iDilateErode 0.0.1 for Nuke

Dilates/Erodes an image with a control channel!

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Last Modified:05/05/2008
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Well, I've notice that you get a sort of blue edge around dilated zones... ...
Also, 20 steps ... ... I'll do the gizmo with a python script that creates/destroys the nodes that are used to do the effect with a slider to choose the amount of steps.


Thanks to all!!


05, May, 2008

Ok, finally I did the python script to decide hob many steps the user want and everything works perfectly!! That's greaaaaat!!

I just have to learn ho to make it interact trylu with nuke. Now everything is manual:

I set the nuber of steps, the smooth between steps and the amount of dilate/erode.
Then I have to run the script manually from the script interface in Nuke.

Well, I have to learn to make Python, nuke and everything interact ... ...