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Easy_LM2DMV 1.0.0 for Nuke

motion blur effects in one easy to use node

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Last Modified:10/23/2007
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Easy_LM2DMV is a gizmo that helps simplfy the process of applying motion blur effects to CG elements using motion vectors exported from "lm_2DMV_v2" mental ray shader. It is created for those including me that are new to Nuke or migrated from an other package and had a hard time to properly set the appropriate nodes to get descent motion blur resaults. It works by combining 3 nodes into one easy to use node containing only the necesarry attributes. I hope it helps. For Easy_LM2DMV to work you need LM2DMV_to_Nuke.gizmo created by Diogo Giro prior installed. Many thanks to Diogo Giro for his very helpful gizmo. You can find it here:



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