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compositing 101 - if you dont know this it will change your life
compositing 101 - if you dont know this it will change your life
andrewkerr, updated 2009-05-24 00:56:22 UTC 84,070 views  Rating:
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Compositing 101: The Black edge

The black edge...that faint line of premultiplied colour can be a devil if nobody has ever shown you how to get rid of it.

Here is your frame turtle_0034

click for larger version

Here is your background sea footage:

click for larger version

The problem is this horrible faint black edge that you can't seem to get rid of:

If you are compositing it for animation you need to select premultiplied when you import the frames into After-effects or whatever compositer you use.

If you are using Photoshop then in the Matting sub-menu there is a remove black matting tool found under layer....

If you do want to know where premultiply is in your render....

Maya software render:

click for larger version

Mental Ray render:

click for larger version

then you have happy turtles:

To those wise experienced compositors...take a moment to share some wisdom...there are a million tuts on how to create scenes and precious few to show you how to assemble them properly....



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