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Seamless Modeling in Maya part 3 - Dogs Body
Seamless Modeling in Maya part 3 - Dogs Body
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"This tutorials is result of my research work in the area of character modeling and animation."
Michael Bazhutkin is animator of video studio at Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan
web site:

Click on pictures for view of big pictures.

The dog is a copy-model of real toy I bought for my son. This is the other one illustration of my modeling method described in Part 1 and Part 2. Within this tutorial I would rather show it in the pictures with a few comments too.

1. Creation of curves (I have used �Snap to Points� mode to make extreme points of curves be equal).

2. Creation the surfaces on the curves� base (I have used Boundary and Loft tools).

3. Conversion NURBS surfaces into polygon and combine them up to one object.

4. Creation facial muscles through editing of head�s curves. After all work each copy of head was attached to each copy of body. And then Blend Shape was used.

5. Skeleton creation and Smooth Skinning.

6. Creation of locators and setting their attributes which allow to manipulate the character (in the most of cases Driving Keys are using for this operation).

7. Before rendering a scene, I selected all faces of dog's body and applied Smooth. For creation of whisker I have used brush of Paint Effect. Also I have used dynamics of soft bodies for ears and tail's curve (curve of IK Spline Handle)

Quick Time 4.0 format ZIP 847 Kb
Moscow "Real-Time" school (there where I studied Maya)


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