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7 Easy Steps to Rigging a Character with Rigger
7 Easy Steps to Rigging a Character with Rigger
Nikolay Kurakin, updated 2017-02-07 11:02:09 UTC 5,671 views  Rating:
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1. Prepare the model for rigging


2. Create a skeleton


3. Adjust the orientation of the bones to your liking or use the default settings.


3. Use Rigger to create an inverse kinematics chain for each body part. To setup the back, use the Spline IK (

4. Skin the model

5. Hide unnecessary objects

6. Create a selection set of controllers

Name all animation control objects with the suffix "ctrl". Now you can select all the character's controls with a simple Mel-command:

select -r "*_ctrl";

7. Add the possibility to reset the pose of the character

Select all the character's control objects and press Rigger -> Advanced -> Create Dag Pose. You can get back to your T-pose with a Mel-command:

string $sel[]= `ls -sl`;
string $each;
for ($each in $sel){
catchQuiet (`dagPose -r -name ($each+"_POSE")`);}


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