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Tuna Facial Auto Rigging 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

individual users can easily do high quality facial rigging with this tools

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017

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Last Modified:05/16/2020
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Introducing the Facial Auto RIG tool, the first of its kind in the Tuna series.

The existing blend shape FACS-based rigging method is very good in quality and features, but I thought it was time-consuming and expensive in the manufacturing process especially for individual users.

So I decided to develop this tool at the end of my consider.

This tool is for Maya and only works as a joint. However, the movement of each joint was designed for FACS based muscle movement.

Of course, it's not incredibly perfect compared to the existing FACS blendshape RIG or actual real face.

But if you use this tool, even individual users can easily do high quality facial rigging.

You can also control the degree to which other controller's movement is affected by the follow attribute to match the actual facial muscle usage of the character, even after rigging the character's face.

This rigging method is very suitable for developing game character facials. However, for animation purposes, please note that there are no features such as squash or stretch the facial muscles.




-Facial set Option(Lip, cheek, Nose, Brow, Eye, Oral)

-Joint Auto Match Position

-Rebuild Ctrl & Skin

-Symmetry joint (Non-symmetrical possible)

-Auto Skinning(registered vertex based)

-Set Max Influence value

-Save Settings, Load Settings

-Follow Ctrl System (The degree to which the controller controls another controller)

-Various controller uses (Primary, Secondary, FK, Master Ctrl)

-Lip Zipper, Eye Blink ,Eyelid follow, Eye world target

-Lip Thickness system

-Lip FACS Ctrl

-Neck joint connection

-Copy Neck skin

-Set to Bind pose

-Bake and Export for game data

-Tuna Facial Picker 


License - Personal 


The product can be used for 24 hours without registering a license.

If you restart the product after 24 hours, you will be asked for the serial key.

Serial Keys will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of purchase.

If you do not respond when you turn on the product, or if you have a problem with the license, or want to commercial license please contact me.




This program works with Autodesk Maya 2017, 2018, 2019, above.

However, please note that the eye ctrl world target function may not work properly in Maya 2017.

Please. Before purchasing the product, you must watch the tutorial video to see how the system works.

This product is recommended for use by people with advanced Maya skills.

If you do not know how to use specific features while using it, you must read the manual which has enclosed with the product.


Tutorial Link


Tuna Facial Auto RIG Controller exploration


(1)Preparation for Character Facial Rig_Seperated skinned mesh

(2)Set up Facial Rig with Tuna Facial Rig

(3)Set up Facial Auto Skinning_[1]registeration vertex

(3)Set up Facial Auto Skinning_[2]registeration boundary

(3)Set up Facial Auto Skinning_[3]Sequential Skinning

(4)Attach Neck and Body include neck skinning method

(5)Rebuild Facial Rig_[1]Edit Joints position

(5)Rebuild Facial Rig_[2]Edit Joint reduction

(5)Rebuild Facial Rig_[3]Edit Joint extending

(6)Facial Manager Export animation, Efficient features



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