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Quadruped Rigger -- automated rigging for four legged characters 1.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

Automated rigging for four legged characters in Maya to get a solid rig for animation with a short setup time.

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Reverse front Knee

Submitted by: reyrey reyrey

Hi, I'm trying to rig a Tiger. Is there a way to reverse the knee bent for the front legs? Or is the Rotate Knee attribute from the front leg control the only way? I also noticed during the bone layout process, if i move the bones around without holding down the "D" key it crashes and gets stuck at 9% during rigging.


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    i clemens

    i clemens said about 6 years ago:

    After creating the base skeleton move your front knee back to your needs and continue finishing the rig. The knees will pop back forward after the process is complete but that's alright. After finishing the rig open the script editor and paste the following code in there: { //replace "RIG_NAME" with your rig name string $name = "RIG_NAME"; setAttr -l 0 ("L_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx"); setAttr ("L_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx") (`getAttr ("L_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx")` * -1); setAttr -l 1 ("L_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx"); setAttr -l 0 ("R_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx"); setAttr ("R_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx") (`getAttr ("R_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx")` * -1); setAttr -l 1 ("R_front_poleVector" + $name + ".tx"); } In the first line (after the comment) replace "RIG_NAME" with your rig name and execute the script. The knees should pop to the back again. Good Luck ;)
  • Giuls

    Giuls said over 2 years ago:

    Hi, sorry if I'm writing in this post after all this time. Since I had the same question, I used your code to pop back the knee. But now I have several flipping problems in the front leg (both up leg and low leg Twist). I'm trying to mode the move the upVector of both aim constraints but it doesn't seem very stable. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    i clemens

    i clemens said over 2 years ago:

    Sorry, but currently I don't have a better solution than just to try and dissect it. It's been quite a while since I wrote the tool and I did so that I don't have to deal with the rigging part itself anymore. Hence I would have to take a look now myself but time is currently limited. Sorry that I cannot be much more of a help right now.

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