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Pose 2 Shelf 1.1 for Maya (maya script)

This script will let you do two things that...

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Last Modified:06/01/2002
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Ability to select pose contents of pose

Submitted by: Vishal Ramesh Vishal Ramesh
When clicking a saved pose shelf item, it would be cool if you can select the contents of the pose after activating the pose. For example: selecting a list of bones after posing them when you have clicked the shelf item. This is so that the user can continue using this selection for further tasks. This is like a combo of pose and select.
Another option is: Shelf editor (in maya 2016 atleast) has "double click command" and also "popup menu items" for a shelf item. So if a pose is saved, you can add the ability to double click or use right click to select the pose contents.

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