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Photo Metric Light Setup (Mental Ray Photometric Light) 0.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Generate a simple Photo Metric Light Setup

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  • 2011


Last Modified:01/27/2011
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This script can be used, to generate a simple Photo Metric Light Setup, works 100%  accurate only if there's no Other Area Light in the Scene. This limitation is due to the fact that I am still working on fetching th newly created areaLight-name in a variable.

Rest all works fine I guess, just source the script and it’ll create a setup for you. I’ll try to enhance it with UI and other stuff as and when I get time. Please check if I’ve left anything else.

EDIT: January 22, 2011: Done changes to make it work with scenes with Existing Lights. So everything's perfect now.

EDIT: January 24, 2011:
(1) When it creates the light, the “Illuminates by default” option is unchecked, so the light is not active, This is fixed now.
(2) It creates a new mia_exposure_simple node each time the button is pressed. It should first check and see if an expsure node already exists on a camera and if so, not create a new one. Fixed.
(3) It should have been mia_exposure_photographic node instead of mia_exposure_simple. That's fixed too.

EDIT: January 31, 2011:
now this scripts connects mia_exposure_photographic to all cameras in Scene/ 

-Dushyant Kumar Kashyap. 

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