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May9 Next, an alternative user experience 10.1.5 for Maya (maya plugin)

May9 Next, an Autodesk Maya workflow plug-in

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017

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Last Modified:05/20/2019
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  • lanazgo

    lanazgo said about 2 months ago:

    The best way to work with Maya!!!!
  • hazem_zoom

    hazem_zoom said 4 months ago:

    This is my 2nd review for this toolkit, I reviewed it before while it was (May9 Pro), now for this May9 Next : I like the new enhancements & of course how it keeps your personal hotkeys & adds its own (Z key) shortcuts & features over them, so you have all working together ... Very good job as usual, bit by bit this toolkit is becomming a Huge Bonus for most Maya users.
  • FormJune

    FormJune said 4 months ago:

    Wow, updated from 3.2 to 10.0 in a blink of an eye :D
    Great job! 
  • Tharso Bez

    Tharso Bez said 9 months ago:

    I did a clean 3.2 version install. but z hotkey dont work for me. layout menus work and hotkey is set but when I click z do nothing. (maya 2018.4)
  • runswithfork

    runswithfork said 9 months ago:

    Version 3.2 is perfect and works with all my other scripts. You've outdone yourself and this is really really realllllly awesome!
  • hazem_zoom

    hazem_zoom said 9 months ago:

    Latest modification on how May9 works is excellent, you did a very smart effort to integrate May9 pro Seamlessly into our own custom hotkeys. My personal hotkeys all work well with the default May9 hotkeys,, I easily have May9 fully integrated in my custom workspaces & my own hotkeys now.
    I also like the ability to customize hotkeys in case if any of them conflects the own user hotkeys.. Excellent Job, Sir :)
  • lanazgo

    lanazgo said over 1 year ago:

    Great script!
  • Lillian Young

    Lillian Young said almost 2 years ago:

    It speeds up the workflow in Maya by crating gesture selection/creation method to avoid digging through menus all over the interface. 
  • runswithfork

    runswithfork said over 2 years ago:

    I didn't know how to use this properly at first but having watched some of your tuts on youtube it made it all clearer. It's super useful! Thanks for taking the time to explain and putting this collection of scripts together.

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